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UpKeep’s Customer Success Team Braves Hollywood Horror Nights

Ryan Chan

The Customer Success Team has successfully completed the SCARIEST team bonding of all time. Each year, Universal Studios decks out the lot in preparation for Halloween, and sets up elaborate horror mazes and terrifying rides. Our CS team went in eight-people strong, and had a blast taking on each scare as it came.

Team Culture Ranks #1 at UpKeep

It’s no surprise that UpKeep is ranked as one of Built in LA’s best places to work – we do fun, scary, and even horrifying things together! Each of our departments has a quarterly team bonding event, where they choose an activity to do together outside of work to reset and refresh as a team. This quarter, CS may not have had the most refreshing of events as they chose to go the scary route.

The team decided to forego the typical, light-hearted fun that team bonding events ensue. Rather, they decided to strengthen their bond through fear. You know what they say – “The team that screams together, stays together.”

Customer Success Manager Miji Zhou shared a little about their experience,

“We went through sooo many haunted mazes and screamed our brains out. We learned a lot about each other and ourselves that night, including:

  • Eitan can leap 10 feet in the air (when he’s scared)
  • Peter is a brave, brave man (he shielded me from one of the monsters so that I could pass around a corner)
  • And Anthony is apparently afraid of nothing…

Thanks, everyone for getting together to get scared and have fun!”

A Night to Remember

Though perhaps not relaxing, the CS team still managed to achieve the overall goals of team bonding events. They faced fears together, leaned on one another, and most importantly made it back to work the next day. Can’t wait for Q1 2020!

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