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Welcome to the team, James!

Ryan Chan, UpKeep, cmms, hiring, recruiting, SDR, sales

Another big warm welcome to James Raynor who will be joining the UpKeep sales team as a Sales Development Representative. There were two things that stood out to me when I got the opportunity to chat with you, James:

1 – You are incredibly passionate. One of the things I look for when we interview is some sort of passion that folks embody, regardless of whether that’s work related or non-work related. I love the fact that you took this time to do something that you were passionate about and that you wrote a book. This is a huge accomplishment and shows your dedication to and passion for things that you absolutely love.

2 – Your pure grit. Learning about your last role working as an estimator for folks after natural disasters, driving over 150 miles every single day. More than that, how you were able to do this with a smile on your face. When you mentioned that, I was absolutely amazed! Not only by the actual work you had to do, but by how you talked about how you were able to help folks in need after natural disasters.

James, I couldn’t be more excited to have you as part of the UpKeep team. I am inspired by the work that you do and I see such positive things in your future here with us!!!

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