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Welcome to the team, John!

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Welcome to the team, John!

I’m so excited to welcome John Oriola to the team!!!! John is a recent UCLA graduate and is also joining UpKeep’s sales department as a Sales Development Representative.

John – every single person who interviewed you was impressed by your positivity and go-getter spirit. Your enthusiasm for joining UpKeep was so awesome from the moment we met and was immediately noticeable.

You clearly had researched our team, our customers and our company, and came prepared with great questions that showed us you were 100% in to join our scrappy team. Not only was our conversation together super thoughtful, but I personally must have cracked up laughing out loud 10 times during our interview together! You are a breath of fresh air and someone that shines positivity.

Here’s what our SVP of Sales Anthony said about you! “I’m very thankful to welcome John to the UpKeep family! He brings a level of energy that we need at UpKeep! It shows his passion for learning and excitement for what is around the corner for us! I cannot wait to see what John brings to the team.”

John, what stood out to us most was your willingness to grow and learn. To us, that’s key as we grow as an organization ourselves. We can’t wait for the journey ahead of all of us!!

Welcome again, John!

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