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Maintenance Calculators

Calculate all kinds of maintenance-related metrics quickly and efficiently.

Schedule Compliance Calculator

[# of completed scheduled WOs on time / total scheduled WOs * 100]

Your schedule compliance is .

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Equipment Downtime Calculator

[(hours of downtime / total period measured) * 100]

Your Equipment Downtime is .

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Equipment Availability Calculator

[(available time - planned downtime) / available time)]

Your equipment availability is .

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Equipment Performance Efficiency Calculator

[(# processed units * ideal cycle time) / actual operation time]

Your equipment performance efficiency is .

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Rate of Quality Products Calculator

[# units of acceptable quality / # units produced]

Your rate of quality products is .

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Overall Equipment Effectiveness Calculator

[availability * performance * quality]

Your overall equipment effectiveness is .

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Mean Time To Repair (MTR) Calculator

[total downtime / # occurrences of stoppages]

Your Mean Time To Repair is hours.

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Planned Maintenance Percentage Calculator

[(planned maintenance hours / total maintenance hours) * 100]

Your Planned Maintenance Percentage is .

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