City of Deerfield Beach Success Story

The City of Deerfield Beach, with a population of more than 77,000 people, was managing all their facility maintenance requests on paper. Since even a minor breakdown could result in no water for the residents of this coastal community, city officials knew that a change was needed.

After six months in his role, Hamid received recognition for the incredible data he was able to track in UpKeep by achieving a promotion to run facility maintenance.

With UpKeep, Hamid loves how simple it is to take a picture and add a note to individual tasks on a detailed work order, without impacting the entire list. Remotely, Hamid can see exactly what his technicians need and he can guide his crew on UpKeep.

Additionally, he loves how he can sort through and filter work orders. When using previous CMMS software systems, Hamid experienced countless frustrations trying to find a specific task on work order history. It could take him up to an hour to find the information he needed, creating longer, more stressful workdays. Now with UpKeep, Hamid can easily sort, filter, and quickly find exactly what he is looking for on the software.

Hamid strongly recommends UpKeep for all maintenance teams

Hamid was so excited with his team’s success with UpKeep that he shared it with other divisions at Deerfield Beach. Now, the street divisions and stormwater management teams are officially using UpKeep. After a brief team training led by Hamid, the teams were up and running, and they absolutely love UpKeep.

It’s no question Hamid’s life would look very different without UpKeep. He’s replaced confusion with the calm of a system that lets him be the most efficient and productive in the day-to-day.

Hamid shares, “UpKeep is a great tool, and a great software. And UpKeep’s customer service was great. Every time I had a question during this process and transition, whenever I sent a chat request or a call, someone responded quickly and it was helpful. There is such wonderful information on your website that helps anytime I need to do a modification or change.”

Hamid and his team

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