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Marriott Success Story

UpKeep's user interface is simple and accessible, and it encouraged enthusiastic buy-in from Cincinnati Marriott Northeast's entire staff.


For 30 years, Cincinnati Marriott Northeast managed its maintenance tasks using a paper-based system and radio communications. Management worried about paper requests getting lost and tasks taking too long due to inefficient communications.


UpKeep’s mobile app allows all maintenance team members to have access to needed data 24/7. Concerns about lost work orders have vanished. In addition, accountability has skyrocketed with complete transparency into the workflow process, giving management comprehensive maintenance information.

“We’re very proud that we’re a part of UpKeep, and UpKeep is a part of us.”

Ron Pembleton, director of engineering operations, Cincinnati Marriott Northeast

UpKeep Solidifies Hotel Team

For more than three decades, the mantra at this Marriott was “you don’t call the maintenance department, you write them.” According to Ron Pembleton, director of engineering operations, all the paper hindered communications and increased the risk of work orders falling through the cracks.

Ron found UpKeep during his search for a user-friendly, mobile CMMS solution. He was sold on the fact that all members of his team, including requesters, could use the system. Ron is responsible for managing room, equipment, and commercial technicians, as well as overseeing orders from multiple requesters.

As soon as Ron got everyone onboard, he said the “greatest buzz” was about how efficient the workflow process became. No one had to physically track down Ron anymore; technicians and requesters could simply input the maintenance issue into the smartphone app. As a result, team members faithfully updated work orders as they moved through the system.

Simplicity Encourages Technician Buy-In

Since UpKeep’s user interface is so simple and accessible, it encouraged enthusiastic buy-in from Cincinnati Marriott Northeast’s entire staff. Outdated radios were replaced by smartphone technology, and team members confidently took advantage of the convenient features in UpKeep. For example, photo capturing allowed technicians to take a quick picture of a reactive maintenance issue, like faulty water pipes or wires. This helped build the hotel’s maintenance database with complete and quality information for later analysis.

Preventive Maintenance Results in Better Customer Service

UpKeep provided Cincinnati Marriott Northeast with a reliable means of implementing an effective preventative maintenance program. Ron explained that by creating simple work orders and assigning them to a recurring schedule, he was able to provide stronger customer service. The maintenance team can also upload step-by-step manuals for complex systems and equipment, as well as schedule planned maintenance activities based on manufacturers’ recommendations. This results in an organized environment, allowing Cincinnati Marriott Northeast to provide stellar ongoing customer service.