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Qbic Hotels Success Story

The East London Qbic Hotel sits in the heart of what is the city’s most lively square mile. Visitors can enjoy delicious street food, visit art galleries and boutiques, and explore the lively nightlife. The staff at Qbic Hotel prides itself on its rooms, which are beautifully and sustainably built, affordable, and comfortable.


An old-school paper-based maintenance system plagued the Qbic Hotel with typical issues. Communication between staff and technicians was spotty and slow. Management had difficulty estimating labor and other maintenance costs, decreasing overall efficiency.


UpKeep’s mobile app provides a central location for the Qbic Hotel staff to come together. As soon as team members notice a maintenance issue, they snap a picture and tag the appropriate technician for repair. This results in immediate action as well as a record of the labor and parts required. Management can then run analytical reports to help project future costs, plan preventive maintenance, and tackle more strategic projects.

“Implementing UpKeep was really simple, and more importantly, the team using it found it simple as well,” said Mariusz Maziarz, the UpKeep Administrator for Qbic Hotels.

Facilitating Guest Happiness

Qbic Hotel makes its guests’ happiness the number one priority each day. When the hotel implemented UpKeep in 2017, this was the first application. As soon as team members noticed something that needed repair, they could enter the work order into the UpKeep app. From minor issues like broken lightbulbs to major concerns, such as safety hazards, work orders got to appropriate technicians quickly.

“It’s about the eyes that see something being broken,” explained Mariusz. UpKeep puts power back into the admin’s hands by facilitating communication when equipment is broken. Through a simple UpKeep work order, an employee can take a picture and tag the right technician.

Scheduling made simple

In a fast-paced environment like hotel maintenance, reactive maintenance requests are often the priority on any given day. It can be easy to forget or lose track of preventive maintenance tasks. With UpKeep, the management team can simply schedule weekly or monthly preventive maintenance activities.

When the time arrives, the appropriate technician is reminded of that preventive maintenance task. Major building systems such as the HVAC system as well as other guest-centric assets can be inspected, serviced or cleaned regularly.

Data Supports Future Strategic Planning

UpKeep is great at helping the Qbic Hotel team stay on top of the maintenance details of the day. However, it also gives management a birds’ eye view of the bigger operation. This allows Mariusz to make smarter decisions about labor allocation as well as parts and systems budgets. When a one-time, strategic maintenance initiative arises, Mariusz can use UpKeep to schedule the extra activities. He can also see the best time to tackle new projects that will improve the hotel’s customer experience.

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