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How to Create and Manage Work Order Requests

We know that requests are an essential part of the maintenance process. Requesters are the eyes of your facility and they help make sure everything is running smoothly. This article explains How to Create and Manage Requests with our web and mobile applications.

How to Create a Request

Through UpKeep Web or Mobile App

Step 1: Log in to UpKeep through your web or mobile app
Step 2: Select the Requests page
Step 3: Click the “+ Requests” in the bottom corner
Step 4: Enter in Work Order all the request details
Step 5: Select Submit Request

On Web:


Through Request Portal

Step 1: Navigate to your company’s Request Portal
Step 2: Fill out the form
Step 3: Click the “Submit Request” button

Request through Portal.gif

Need your companies Request Portal URL or Email Address? Contact your team admin for details!

How to Manage Work Order Requests

Step 1: Select the Requests page
Step 2: On the Requests page, click the desired work order request
Step 3: Evaluate Work Order Request
Select Priority (Low, Medium, High)
Assign Location or Asset/Equipment
Assign Main Worker, Support Worker or Team
Assign Due Date or Schedule
Add any Form Items or Checklists (optional)
Click “Add Part” (optional)
Click “Add File” (optional)
Step 4: Click “Approve

*If work order does not qualify for approval, select “Decline Request”

On Web:​

On Mobile:

Video Tutorial

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