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Facility Management Software that Makes Operations Easy

Delete spreadsheets. Toss the paper. Manage your facility’s technicians, assets, and inventory with an award-winning facilities management software.

How it works: Watch the video below to see how facilities management system can streamline your maintenance process today.

Manage your facilities from anywhere with UpKeep’s CMMS software and facility management app.

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Ranked #1 by facility maintenance and software experts

Great facility management software
“UpKeep is a fantastic application. It has helped us streamline our entire work order process at our facility. We used to have to keep up with multiple logs in the facility, but now all work orders are entered into UpKeep, the maintenance department is notified immediately, and the administrator gets a notification when the work order is completed”
Review on Software Advice by Troy J., Administrator (Healthcare Industry)
UpKeep, my digital leatherman!
“UpKeep is a CMMS that’s powerful enough for the most seasoned facility manager yet simple enough for the greenest technician. Its simple, straightforward interface hides a beast of a CMMS that could easily be dropped into any facility maintenance program within minutes.”
Review on Software Advice by Ron P., Director of Engineering (Hospitality Industry)

Manage your facility’s assets and people from your office or on the go


Create equipment-specific work orders and add inspection checklists, troubleshooting documentation, and visual references to each one. With asset tracking, you can also monitor the uptime (and downtime) of each asset for future reporting. Learn more about Enterprise Asset Management.


Add parts to work orders and create purchase orders for vendors. When work orders are closed, parts are automatically deducted from your inventory. When purchase orders are fulfilled, parts are automatically added. Learn more about parts and invetory management.


Assign work orders to your in-house maintenance team and external service providers. Generate a shareable link for any work order to easily transfer knowledge to people outside the organization — fast.


Allow anyone in your facility to submit maintenance requests directly from their smartphone without having full access to your account. Then, turn the service request into a work order and assign it to a technician.

Assign work orders

Create and approve work orders. Have techs open and close them on the spot with a mobile device.

Create task lists

Add action items to work orders like checklists for preventive maintenance on vital equipment.

Run reports

View equipment uptime, work order history, and performance metrics by tech, asset, or location.

Track asset usage

Track the health of assets over time by having techs add readings to work orders (PSI, mileage, etc)

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Increase productivity at your facility with scheduled inspections

Automate routine maintenance activities to improve operational efficiency at your facility. Create recurring work orders for weekly inspections of critical equipment or routine building and facility walk throughs.

Increase productivity with live reporting

Easily identify bottlenecks and efficiencies with UpKeep’s analytics dashboard. See which facilities, locations, and equipment are hogging resources and which technicians are closing out the most work orders.

Spend more time on facility management strategy

Most of a facility manager’s time is spent on day-to-day operations which can be a drag. UpKeep’s facility management solution frees up time for strategic planning and collaboration.

Trusted by the best facility managers

The major e-commerce company Jet.com switched from using spreadsheets to UpKeep’s facility maintenance software. Now the operations manager at its New Jersey facility can easily manage all maintenance operations — from anywhere, at any time.

“UpKeep is an easy-to-use app and you can really figure it out all by yourself.”
- Jonathan Price, Operations Manager, Facilities @ Jet.com
Read Jet.com's success story

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Considerations for facility management software

Many facilities streamline operations with a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). For facilities, this system is often referred to as facility management software or facility maintenance software. When researching various solutions, here are some things you should look for:


To promote facility-wide adoption and eliminate errors, your CMMS should be intuitive and easy for anyone to use with any device. And if you’re using a smartphone or tablet instead of a desktop, the same features of the CMMS should be available on those mobile devices — and user-friendly for everyone. Whether you oversee a hotel, have property management needs, or require preventive equipment maintenance, we’re here to help.


In-app messaging should be available to streamline communication and cut down on emails and radio communication. This type of messaging makes it possible to review historical communications, streamline project management, and document maintenance processes for future use.


Which locations and assets are demanding the most resources? Which technicians are closing the most work orders? Which people are submitting the most requests? These answers should be available in real time.

System Maintenance

Unlike on-premise facility maintenance software systems, your SaaS/cloud-based CMMS is fully maintained by UpKeep — so all you need to worry about is your operations and equipment.

UpKeep checks all of these boxes and focuses on making the most-used features the easiest to use.

Simplify facility maintenance today with UpKeep

Create work orders. Manage assets and inventory. Chat in-app with your team. All from one easy-to-use app.