Manage your fleet like a boss

Making sure that your fleet is operational while keeping safety up and costs down can be difficult. With UpKeep you have the ability to track the health of all your assets while keeping the scheduled maintenance all up-to-date.

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Making sure your fleet is operational

Ready for Every Season

With UpKeep you can stay on top of all maintenance tasks as they happen, ensuring the lights stay on as they were.

Manage Your Inventory

UpKeep lets you monitor your inventory, anything from linens to parts tied to each of your assets.

Keeping History

Look back and identify common issues, with the ability to fix problems before they occur.

Preventive maintenance to improve vehicle safety and avoid unplanned breakdowns

  • Avoid vehicle breakdowns by scheduling recurring work orders for routine preventative maintenance
  • Easily view schedule of past completed maintenance work orders
  • Custom dashboards to track preventative maintenance

    Overall increase efficiency of your fleet

    • Increase availability and cost efficiency of each vehicle
    • Better manage scheduling of vehicles
    • Control costs
      Extend vehicle lifespan

      Mobile first, accessible everywhere

      Stay on top of your work orders anytime, anywhere. Our automated push notifications for work order progress combined with your team’s ability to communicate in real-time through the app means getting work done has never been so easy.

          All communication through one simple app

          • Assign work orders to floor staff
          • Effectively prioritize the most important tasks
          • Communicate between employees and teams through one application

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