Maintenance Reports

Quickly generate a maintenance report to evaluate work order completion rates, maintenance costs, technician productivity, inventory levels, and more.

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Create custom dashboards

In addition to using premade reporting dashboards, create custom dashboards that align with your maintenance team’s KPIs.

Export graphs and PDF reports

Create a visual and PDF report for any premade dashboard to share with teammates throughout the organization.

Identify issues at a glance

View work order statuses by technician, team, asset, or location to investigate why specific work orders are open or on hold.

Eliminate manual reporting

Instead of reviewing every work order individually for a given month, create a digital report in seconds.

UpKeep customers achieve more in less time

UpKeep’s automatic workflows save our customers countless hours of manual work. Spend less time filling in work order details by automatically assigning the right technicians to new work orders.

How to create a maintenance report with UpKeep

  • UpKeep’s maintenance report platform breaks out data within work orders to create specific insights.

  • The main types of reports break out work order statuses — closed, in progress, on hold, and open — by the assigned technician, team, asset, or location.

  • To view a report, go to the “Reports” tab in UpKeep. You can then export the report into a graphical or PDF format.