Taking Every Opportunity to Grow

Trent was born in a small town in South Carolina. His journey into the maintenance and reliability industry started at a young age when he got his hands on welding and enrolled at Tri-County Technical College. 

While in college, Trent got his first official job in the field at Schneider Electric as an Assembly Intern. He enjoyed the atmosphere of his new job and gained a ton of experience. Once his internship ended, Trent was also nearing college graduation and figuring out what to do next.

During this transitional phase of his life, a recruiter contacted Trent about an open position. Shortly after, Trent was working in equipment maintenance at BMW Manufacturing. He took the general technical classes offered by his company until he went into management and found the Society for Maintenance & Reliability Professionals (SMRP). With his membership, he has been taking classes and immersing himself in helpful resources to become an expert and thought-leader in this industry.

Trent’s Passion for Continuous Improvement

“A maintenance organization, when engaged, can drive down costs through continuous improvement and help make major strides in efficiency.”

Now, Trent is a Maintenance Supervisor at BMW. His role in the business is extremely impactful because it involves making equipment more reliable and efficient through strategic, data-driven projects. Through these projects, Trent is hopeful in cultivating a culture of continuous improvement and always creating new ways to add value. Trent truly believes that this kind of culture can help with attaining long-term goals regarding safety, quality, and equipment reliability.

Two of His Favorite Things

Trent loves what he does because it involves two of his favorite things – people and automation, specifically in that order. Trent shares,

Automation, because it is changing as rapidly as the world around us, and the capabilities are already beyond anything I could imagine. I am excited to be a part of the future of automation! And people, because nothing makes me happier than being a helping hand in someone else’s success.”