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Meter Reading Software

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Important meter reading software features

Monitor asset runtime
Have operators or technicians log runtime data with the mobile app to understand how long assets actually perform work.
Monitor conditions
Log machine vibration (ips), generator temp (°F), oil pressure (psi), and other data extracted from condition monitoring tools.
Perform runtime-based maintenance
Replace calendar-based PMs with runtime maintenance by automatically creating new work orders when runtime intervals are reached.
Perform condition-based maintenance
Automatically create new work orders when specified conditions are met and alert relevant managers and technicians.

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Benefits of meter reading software

  • Never miss a meter reading.

    Have your team log meter readings on a smartphone or nearby kiosk equipped with a tablet and UpKeep app.
  • View meter history and details.

    Asset managers and technicians can pull up a full history of asset runtime and condition data in seconds.
  • Update meter-based work orders.

    Any work order that’s triggered by a meter reading can be closed out or updated in the field by technicians.

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Maintenance teams love our meter reading software.

UpKeep is functional and affordable.
"The biggest pro is the functionality. All of our inventory, work orders, assets, schedules, and meters are all included in one app.”
Jeremy L., Facilities Coordinator

Meter readings are included with every paid plan.

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Best Meter Reading Software for Asset Maintenance

Meter reading software helps companies log meter readings in order to monitor assets and trigger work orders based on operation time and condition. See meter reading capabilities in action on UpKeep, which incorporates this capability into an overall computerized maintenance management system (CMMS).

What is Meter Reading Software?

Metering is a means by which businesses keep track of meter data on various critical assets. This data collection allows a company to monitor the condition of the asset and make maintenance-related decisions. Meter reading software takes automated meter readings regularly and affordably.

Understanding AMR and AMI Meters

Automatic meter reading (AMR) is the system that collects usage and condition data from any metering device. These readings are automatically sent to a centralized computer system for invoicing, diagnostics, and reporting. Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), on the other hand, is an integrated system that includes smart meters, CMMS or other data networks, and communications systems that enable multi-way communications between all involved parties.

When you use UpKeep as your mobile-first CMMS, you can take advantage of meter-reading technology to monitor the condition of your assets and trigger maintenance orders before big problems arise.

Important Meter Reading Software Features

Before selecting meter reading software, you’ll want to make sure that your solution can monitor runtime and conditions as well as trigger the correct work orders to start maintenance requirements.

Monitor Asset Runtime

Your meter reading software should allow maintenance technicians to log runtime data with a mobile tool so they can understand how long that particular asset actually performs its work.

Monitor Conditions

A selected solution should be able to monitor things like machine vibration using ips, generator temperature in degrees, oil pressure in psi, and other data extracted from condition monitoring tools.

Trigger Runtime-based Maintenance

A meter reading software system should allow you to replace calendar-based preventive maintenance with runtime-generated maintenance requests. That means, the software should be able to automatically create new work orders when runtime intervals are reached.

Initiate Condition-based Maintenance

In a similar manner, the software should be able to use data from sensors to provide constant monitoring of critical conditions. If programmed thresholds are exceeded, then new work orders are automatically generated to alert relevant managers and technicians.

Benefits of Meter Reading Software

The main benefits of using meter reading software are the ability to optimize your maintenance program because you never miss readings, access to meter history, and easy updates for meter-related work orders.

Never Miss a Reading

Because automated meters are constantly monitoring and tracking meter usage and condition, you’ll have easy access to complete data. Technicians can easily log meter readings through a smartphone app or a nearby kiosk.

View Meter Data History

Through UpKeep’s CMMS and meter reading software, management can have a complete and real-time history of each asset’s runtime and condition in seconds. As a result, smarter business decisions can be easily made using more reliable asset data.

Update Meter-Based Work Orders

When certain runtime or conditions are met, the metering software can automatically trigger necessary work orders. These work orders are then sent to the maintenance technician or managers who can determine their priority. When orders are completed, the technician can easily update and close out the order, so that maintenance data can be added to the meter history for future reporting and analysis.

Maintenance Teams Approve

Customers continue to share how much they like UpKeep’s mobile-first solution and meter reading features, as well its functionality and affordability. "The biggest pro is the functionality,” said facilities coordinator Jeremy L. “All of our inventory, work orders, assets, schedules, and meters are all included in one app.”

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