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Meter Readings

Log meter readings to monitor assets and trigger new work orders based on runtime and conditions.

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Monitor asset runtime
Have operators or technicians log runtime data with the mobile app to understand how long assets actually perform work.
Monitor conditions
Log machine vibration (ips), generator temp (°F), oil pressure (psi), and other data extracted from condition monitoring tools.
Perform runtime-based maintenance
Replace calendar-based PMs with runtime maintenance by automatically creating new work orders when runtime intervals are reached.
Perform condition-based maintenance
Automatically create new work orders when specified conditions are met and alert relevant managers and technicians.

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Log and monitor meter readings in the field with the mobile app.

  • Never miss a meter reading.
    Have your team log meter readings on a smartphone or nearby kiosk equipped with a tablet and UpKeep app.
  • View meter history and details.
    Asset managers and technicians can pull up a full history of asset runtime and condition data in seconds.
  • Update meter-based work orders.
    Any work order that’s triggered by a meter reading can be closed out or updated in the field by technicians.

UpKeep’s QR code inventory management app is available for Android and Apple devices

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UpKeep is functional and affordable.
"The biggest pro is the functionality. All of our inventory, work orders, assets, schedules, and meters are all included in one app.”
Jeremy L., Facilities Coordinator

Meter readings are included with every paid plan.

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