Parts & Inventory Management Software

Never run out of parts with the industry’s best equipment inventory management software

With our integrated inventory tracking app, you’ll never leave your storeroom empty-handed.

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Equipment inventory tracking, made easy

Manage inventory with barcodes

Create a unique barcode for any part in one click. Then scan the barcode with a mobile device to view parts details.

Maintain stock of vital supplies

Assign a minimum quantity value to every part and get notified when that value is reached.

Add parts to work orders

When a part is used for a work order and that work order is closed, the inventory count is automatically updated.

Restock with purchase orders

Have parts managers create purchase orders. When approved, generate a PDF and send to your parts vendor.

Optimize your maintenance today.

Invite your whole team. Access core features.

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Make maintenance agile with the inventory management app

  • Manage inventory from anywhere.
    Not at your computer? Use the inventory management app on your tablet or smartphone.
  • Add parts on the go.
    Technicians can add spare parts to work orders manually or by scanning a QR code with the mobile app.
  • Message the storeroom.
    Use UpKeep’s in-app messaging feature to request parts from storeroom managers.

UpKeep’s inventory management app is available for Apple and Android devices.

Download the UpKeep iOS app on the Apple App Store.
Download the UpKeep Android app on the Google Play Store.

    Used by inventory managers and maintenance professionals