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Property Maintenance without all the paperwork.

UpKeep’s beautifully designed property maintenance software makes scheduling work orders a breeze for anyone. 

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Achieve shorter response times to maintenance requests with UpKeep's CMMS

Increase full visibility into work orders

Property managers can easily approve work orders on any smartphone or tablet. See a list of completed work orders and in-progress items.

Streamline maintenance requests in a centralized hub

Provide anyone the ability to submit work requests on a single portal on a mobile device, desktop, or their email. Requesters can share comments with technicans and updates are posted in one hub, so everyone is on the same page.

Easily create beautiful reports and data visualizations

With UpKeep Analytics, you can monitor asset health month-over-month and get a birds-eye view of costs and labor hours. Share reports with anyone at your organization to communicate progress.

Reduce equipment downtime with recurring work orders

Set up preventive checks and inspections on important equipment on a routine time or event-based schedule. Comply with OSHA audits and ensure your organization meets the highest safety procedures.

Showcase clear inspections to ensure accuracy

Reduce the potential for human error with clear process-driven checklists on work orders. Technicians can log meter readings, cycle counts, and more.


Consistently rated best-in-class.

UpKeep’s work order management software is consistently rated best-in-class for ease-of-use, functionality, value for money, asset management, customer support. There’s a reason UpKeep has more 5-star reviews than any other Maintenance and CMMS software vendor.

Case Study

FMLY Saves Over £120,000 Annually in Maintenance Costs With UpKeep

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    Mobile Features for Facility Management Software

    Centralize all of your work requests with a mobile property maintenance solution.

    • Filter through incoming work requests from tenants on your mobile device and assign work orders to the available and closest technician on-call
    • Technicians can easily track all time spent on tasks using a timer. Reliable data collected directly from technicians' smartphones helps managers plan realistic PM schedules.
    • Reduce interruptions and accomplish more work. Replace radio chatter and phone calls with comments and updates on the status of work orders.

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    Learn why our work order management system has more five-star reviews than any other computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and Maintenance Software vendor.
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