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Real-time asset monitoring with UpKeep Sensors

UpKeep Sensors is the ultimate platform for IoT and predictive maintenance. It is designed for reliability engineers who need a robust platform to monitor asset health, track downtime, and measure OEE in real time.

Predictive maintenance with UpKeep Sensors

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Use UpKeep Sensors out of the box or integrate 3rd party sensors into the platform using our simple APIs.


Create alerts, triggers, and notifications to predict equipment failures before they occur.


Track the health of your equipment in one simple dashboard.

Get set up with ease.

You never thought setting up a predictive maintenance program would ever be this easy.



the sensors most suitable for your business



sensors on equipment or around your facility



the sensor to your UpKeep Sensors account



Create triggers, alerts, and notifications with ease.

How it works

With the UpKeep platform you can set conditions and thresholds for your equipment to get alerts in real time. Then, categorize your incidents to get a better understanding of every minute of downtime.

Track your asset uptime, performance, and OEE. Our platform acts as the central data source for your asset's health. We analyze billions of data points to give you real time feedback about how your facility is performing and empower your team to respond quickly and efficiently.

A simple pricing model.

You pay per sensor you are monitoring each month. Choose as many or as few sensors you need.

UpKeep Sensors integrates seamlessly with UpKeep Maintenance Management. Create work orders, track your assets, and monitor the health of your equipment--all in one single place.

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Predictive Maintenance with UpKeep Sensors

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