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Explore UpKeep Sensor's different product offerings. Contact us for custom solutions.

Temperature Sensor

Set high a low limit thresholds and get notifications -- refrigerators, cold storage, and freezers to prevent damage or overheating.

GPS / Mileage Sensor

Be able to track your fleet & vehicles wherever they are, mileage meter sensor, run preventative maintenance based off of mileage.

Voltage Meter Sensor

Be able to see how much energy a piece of equipment is using. Get notified when it is turned off or powered down. Track downtime of your equipment this way.

Pressure Sensor

Put it on a tank to look at how much more compressed gas there is left and get alerts on when to refill it.

Vibration Sensor

Know when a motor is malfunctioning. Be able to trigger downtime in UpKeep based on whether you’re seeing none or too much vibration.

Humidity Sensor

Monitor the relative humidity in a building or within a room for use in industrial, facilities, residential, or commercial spaces. Create triggers and alerts when relative humidity goes too high or too low for.

Real-time asset monitoring with UpKeep Sensors.

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