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Software built specifically with Farms in mind

Seasonal readiness can make or break a farm - that's why we designed UpKeep to help you stay on top of preventive agriculture equipment maintenance and crop schedules, all in one place.

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Ready for Every Season

Unlike some crops, maintenance is perennial. Keep on top of your maintenance tasks in the off season so your equipment runs at peak condition during the harvest.

Manage Inventory

UpKeep lets you manage your inventory, keeping stock of spare tractor tires, seed and fertilizer, and crops and livestock that are ready for distribution.

Keeping History

Look back into your history: check problematic seasons, farm vehicle service records, and recurring harvest equipment issues to find easy solutions.

Track equipment uptime

  • Keep on top of how plows, tills, and tractors are running at all times with real-time and historical data
  • Track equipment and asset availability so you know when you're ready to plant or harvest
  • Keep an eye on irrigation systems so you're never surprised by dry soil

Data in the fields

  • No need to leave the field and get to a desktop - UpKeep provides mobile access so you can monitor your crops and agriculture equipment from anywhere on the farm
  • Easy to use and maintain with no paper records and unwieldy filing cabinets
  • Access resources like full-time and seasonal employee schedules and warehouse resources on-the-go

Mobile first, accessible everywhere

Stay on top of your work orders anytime, anywhere. Our automated push notifications for work order progress combined with your team's ability to communicate in real-time through the app means getting work done has never been so easy.

UpKeep graphic illustrating how it is designed as a mobile first CMMS.

USDA's success story

Find out how Clendon and his team at The USDA improved efficiency at their facility with the help of UpKeep's broad feature set.

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Preventative maintenance

Improve efficiency and increase productivity

  • Schedule recurring work orders for tills and cultivators so you're ready for spring planting
  • Easily view and edit pesticide, herbicide, and fertilizer application schedules
  • Customize dashboards to track crop and livestock lifecycles and maintenance

All communication through one simple app

  • Assign work orders to seasonal workers and farmhands
  • Prioritize seasonal tasks (whether you're planting or harvesting)
  • Constantly communicate with workers who are in the field, tending to livestock, or operating heavy equipment