Manage your hotel’s preventive maintenance program

UpKeep’s user-friendly software helps hotel management and staff keep track of day-to-day tasks – improving customer satisfaction scores, increasing energy efficiency, and lowering maintenance costs and available on any mobile device.

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Building Maintenance Done Efficiently

Keeping a building running is no easy task. A myriad of small and large tasks must be completed on a regular basis to keep building systems, equipment, and machinery operating. Coordinating all these tasks in an efficient manner requires a mobile-first solution that keeps your entire maintenance staff on the same page.
Streamline Work Orders

Investing in a mobile-first solution like UpKeep will streamline your work orders, making the entire maintenance management process more efficient. An unlimited number of requesters can be added to your system, allowing anyone who requires a maintenance task easy access with UpKeep. These work orders can then be prioritized, tracked, and completed with real-time access to their progress.

Enable Cross-Team Functionality

Because of its intuitive, easy-to-use interface, UpKeep allows your maintenance team to easily work with administrators, technicians, and other departments. Full transparency into the system means that someone making a maintenance request can see the status of a work order, as well as when it was completed. If delays such as waiting for parts occur, then all team members can be notified of the delay and revised completion schedule.

Make Simplistic Maintenance a Reality

UpKeep is designed in a way that allows everyone in your organization to feel comfortable about using the solution. New maintenance technicians with little experience can easily access maintenance history, as well as find detailed instructions. Employees who are not technology-savvy can feel comfortable with the easy-to-use interface. Experienced maintenance managers can tap into the power of UpKeep to perform complex analysis and run comprehensive reports.

Maintenance and Servicing Becomes a Breeze

When building maintenance and administration is your number one priority, you want the tools that can help you achieve your goals efficiently and quickly. UpKeep is designed to be your right-hand, helping to automate scheduling of preventive maintenance tasks, prioritize reactive maintenance requests, and serve as a concrete foundation for sophisticated predictive maintenance initiatives.

Keep Multiple Facilities Organized

If you happen to run multiple buildings, plants or residential locations, UpKeep is critical to helping you manage those varied facilities in one location. Gone are the days of traveling to a central office to pick up work orders and physically returning to that location at the end of the day to report progress. As soon as work orders are entered into UpKeep, a maintenance manager can easily approve, assign, and batch common work orders by location. The assigned technician simply goes directly to the work site, accesses all needed background and order details through UpKeep, and completes the work. If further problems are discovered or parts need to be replaced, onsite technicians can simply make those updates on their mobile devices to keep everyone informed and move onto the next task. As work orders are completed, they can be updated in real-time on UpKeep.

    Improve Efficiency and Productivity with Inspection Scheduling

    When it comes to preventive maintenance tasks, let UpKeep do all the remembering for you. Simply schedule preventive maintenance tasks based on equipment performance, usage or manufacturer’s recommendations. Once those dates come up, UpKeep will schedule those tasks for upcoming work days. Technicians can easily see past completed work orders for reference.

      Track Usage and Understand Machine Breakdowns

      As you enter more maintenance information into UpKeep over time, you’ll build a valuable database of information to make smarter business decisions. For example, you can gain transparency into the repair history of a critical asset. This may give you the data to understand how and why a machine has failed, allowing you to build in preventive maintenance tasks to avoid the problem before it occurs in the future.

        UpKeep is Transforming Building Maintenance

        As a mobile-first solution, UpKeep is transforming business maintenance from a manual, cumbersome process to a streamlined, efficient one. Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about our solution.

        Before UpKeep, we were on a paper system that was messy and inefficient. Now, our crews submit work order requests with pictures using UpKeep. This is then viewable by management, from origination to completion.
        K-Co Enterprises


        Before UpKeep, we logged 60 to 70 work requests per month. Now we log 140 to 175 requests per month. When the team completes maintenance checklists, they pull the info from a quick QR scan in UpKeep.
        Salam Studio and Stores


        The API feature allowed us to provide automated work order generation [in a customized way]. UpKeep allows importing and exporting assets, locations, and other data to spreadsheets, making it a breeze to manage our large set of resources.