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Software built perfectly for your restaurant

Your time is best spent serving your customers. Streamlining your restaurant’s maintenance is vital to doing that. Whether your food prep equipment needs repairs or your restaurant’s AC needs a tune up, UpKeep’s software will help you stay on top of it all so you can focus on delighting your guests.

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Restaurant maintenance and inventory management made easier

Keep your kitchen running

The heart of your restaurant is your kitchen. UpKeep helps you stay on top of all maintenance tasks, ensuring your food prep equipment, grills, fryers, refrigeration, and facilities stay in top working order.

Manage parts inventory

Replacement parts for your equipment are nearly as important as fresh ingredients. Upkeep lets you keep track of each asset’s parts in your inventory so you can resolve restaurant work orders quickly.

Track maintenance history

Track your maintenance history for each oven, washer, and grill, see trends, and use the data to head off problems before they lead to a lunch-hour breakdown.

Routine restaurant facility maintenance

  • Manage a single restaurant or an entire franchise, all from the UpKeep dashboard
  • Easily view past repairs, routine maintenance, security checks, and food safety inspections
  • Quickly assign work orders to your maintenance team to keep all your restaurant’s facilities up and ready for your busy hours

Preventative restaurant maintenance

  • Schedule recurring inspections, tune-ups, updates, and deep cleaning for every piece of equipment in your kitchen
  • Track all scheduled tasks, both past and present
  • Custom dashboards allow you to tailor your PM to match your restaurant’s fast-paced needs

Mobile first, accessible everywhere

Any time your ice cream machine goes down or your washer starts making that noise, your managers can create a work order using Upkeep’s dashboard. You’ll get a push notification via the app, allowing you to handle work requests on the go and collaborate with your team instantly.

UpKeep graphic illustrating how it is designed as a mobile first CMMS.

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Coordinate with vendors

Tracking restaurant expenses and reporting

  • Share work orders with contractors and restaurant suppliers seamlessly with a single application
  • Generate reports on profits and spending for a single location or a full franchise
  • Manage all data from your restaurant’s maintenance in one place

Connect your restaurant’s teams through one simple app

  • Assign work orders to restaurant maintenance staff
  • Quickly prioritize tasks central to keeping you ready for the next rush
  • Communicate between restaurant managers, maintenance teams, and employees with one app