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The Maintenance Community Presents
A Plant Manager’s Advice to Kick-Starting Your Reliability Program

In this webinar, hear from expert Joe Kuhn on all you'll need to know to get your reliability program off the ground. Joe will cover how to get plant managers on board, keep up with best practices, and transform culture - all to ultimately shift your plant to a reliable one.

Follow Joe on YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCY0hd1Iff79JnPNkPHmOXAg

Brought to you by The Maintenance Community Slack Group. Join here for more exclusive events: https://upkeep.typeform.com/to/eic3eoI1. Replay and recording available in the #watch-webinar-replays channel in The Maintenance Community Slack.

Hosted By
Joe Kuhn
President @ Lean Driven Reliability

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