What are a Facility Manager’s Primary KPIs?

Primary KPIs for Facility Managers

  1. Reactive Maintenance versus Preventative Maintenance over time
    1. This is important to know from a facility management KPI perspective because we always want to see some sort or relationship and trend for our reactive or corrective maintenance compared to our preventative. Is there anything we can do to prevent issues from arising?
  2. $$$ spent on new equipment versus repairs
    1. Somewhat tied to the above, but at the end of the day, we want to be spending our budget on new equipment, new upgrades, than replacements and repairs. We are looking for trends here again over time so that we can find some sort of actionable data
  3. Average completion time or response time for work submitted
    1. Should be self explanatory, BUT the time to respond to work orders, who has done it and the time from open to close is always very important as well.

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