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  • Location: Edmond, OK
  • Industry: Property
  • UpKeep Admin: Amy Camarata

Amy overlooks two senior housing properties, Grace Pointe Living and Mon Abri, both of which utilize UpKeep to handle their work orders.

Grace Pointe Living specializes in Senior Living, with 154 homes dedicated to accommodating active adults. Mon Abri similarly has 50+ homes, with an additional 30-40 homes in the construction process.

The team is split up into three groups, with an On-Site Property Manager, Maintenance Manager and Leasing Manager all leading to attain satisfaction. UpKeep has been instrumental to both properties, not only on a daily work order basis, but also in the construction aspect.

As the properties started to grow, Amy sought for a better maintenance management solution

Having previously used a paper system, Amy was on the lookout for a swifter solution to manage both properties. Her main struggles largely consisted of not having the ability to track what was being done per unit/tenant, and losing information on paper.

Through searching the Apple Store, she came across UpKeep, and after extensive research, trialling and experimenting, decided that UpKeep was the right fit for the team.

Suddenly, everything was easier

Tasks such as changing lightbulbs, shuffling ice out of car driveways during winter, and hanging up curtains are at the heart of what the maintenance team do in both properties.

Previously, the maintenance member at hand would receive calls upon calls regarding one work order. Now, they simply use their devices on hand to access everything they need.

This includes making the most of the ‘Status’ feature, which enables the communication to speed up twice as fast. For instance, if a tenant experienced issues with a washer and reported it, the maintenance worker while inspecting may have referred it to an appliance worker instead.

The tenant would later call up the maintenance worker to get a status update. Now, with UpKeep, the requester only needs to go on the updates section to see the entire process directly – call-free!

UpKeep has been instrumental, even in the construction process

So, how exactly are Mon Abri & Grace Pointe benefitting from UpKeep?

UpKeep has been beneficial in fortifying the communication between the tenants and the technicians in both the daily maintenance of the properties and the preventative maintenance.

Features such as priority, status, updates and photo-capturing benefit property technicians and admins across UpKeep.

The team at Grace Pointe Living and Mon Abri especially took advantage of them, with Amy even introducing UpKeep to the construction team for construction related work orders.

She downloaded the app to the supervisors’ phone, putting in work orders specifically for them (such as trimming out carpets), thus speeding up the construction stage as well.

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