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Caruso Success Story

Caruso at the Grove is a 575,000-square-foot outdoor marketplace located in Los Angeles’ Fairfax District. The Grove features a large center park that has an animated fountain. It is one of Caruso’s destinations designed to reflect the local community. Caruso is known for its attention to detail, award-winning design, and extraordinary creativity in its communities.


Maintenance requests from hundreds of marketplace tenants were managed through a non-centralized system of emails, phone calls and paper requests. This made coordinating work orders a challenge. Lost requests and a lack of transparency into the status of maintenance requests made the system inefficient and ineffective.


Ashley Roman, Operations Coordinator at Caruso, oversaw the implementation of UpKeep. Since the system allows unlimited requesters, it was perfect for the multiple tenants of Caruso. All maintenance requests now come into a central location and all tenants can quickly check the status of requests.

Making Delegation Simple

Once UpKeep was implemented, Ashley and her team could easily delegate work orders to appropriate team members. As soon as a request came in, it would be assigned a priority and sent to operations, engineering or housekeeping. Control of the system was a breeze, as all maintenance data could be accessed from a mobile device.

Kiosks Provide Centralized Data Access

Although UpKeep data was easily accessible on smartphones or other mobile devices, Caruso also installed kiosks in certain departments. This allowed team members who did not have mobile devices to quickly see their next assignment for the day. For example, the operations and parking staff members could create work orders for special events at the Caruso. This ensured those tasks got done on time.

Preventive Maintenance Tasks Streamlined

Caruso departments, such as housekeeping, appreciated UpKeep’s ability to automatically schedule preventive maintenance tasks. This helped these team members stay on top of regular maintenance tasks, helping to reduce emergency repairs and unhappy tenants. Streamlining preventive maintenance tasks kept equipment in good working order for longer periods of time.

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