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Depreciation Tracking

Know the value of assets you perform maintenance on. View depreciation of equipment and machinery without leaving your CMMS.

See depreciation tracking in action on UpKeep

Make financially sound decisions
Know when the cost of repair exceeds an asset’s current value. Then sell/replace the asset to prevent unplanned downtime and better manage the balance sheet.
Make data-driven decisions
Combine financial data with historical maintenance data to weigh the pros and cons of repairing or selling an asset.
Save money with warranties
Don’t waste money on expensive parts and labor when you don’t need to. Easily view an asset’s warranty expiration date and file.
Quickly audit your assets
Filter assets by active/expired warranties, current value ranges, residual value ranges, useful life, and more.

Optimize your maintenance today.

Invite your whole team. Access core features.

View depreciation schedules for any equipment type.

  • Factory equipment depreciation.
    Manage the balance sheet for injection molding machines, CNC machines, forklifts, and other factory equipment.
  • Farm equipment depreciation.
    Depreciate tractors, trucks, or even livestock. UpKeep gives you what you need to fill out IRS Form 4562.
  • Restaurant equipment depreciation.
    The National Restaurant Association supports a 15-year depreciation schedule. You can easily manage this within UpKeep.
  • And fixed asset depreciation for any other capital equipment.

We currently support “straight line depreciation” at UpKeep

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Track depreciation for unlimited assets with any premium plan.

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