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Downtime Tracking

Track downtime to create insightful maintenance reports, predict future equipment failures, and make data-driven decisions about repairing or replacing an asset.

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Use for failure mode analysis
Log downtime and cross reference downtime with an asset’s work order history to understand when equipment is failing and why.
Make data-driven decisions
Combine depreciation data with downtime data to weigh the pros and cons of repairing or selling an asset.
Log data automatically or manually
Automatically track downtime when an asset is marked as non-operational. Or add it manually when the asset is operational again.
Prioritize preventive maintenance
Identify assets that are critical and have high downtime. Then prioritize PM programs for these assets over others.

Optimize your maintenance today.

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Accurately track equipment downtime to the minute with the mobile app.

  • Make operators downtime-ready.
    Have equipment operators mark an asset as non-operational immediately after it fails. They can do this at a nearby kiosk that has a tablet with UpKeep’s mobile app installed.
  • Make technicians uptime-ready.
    Have technicians mark an asset as operational immediately after the repair is made and the asset is performing as expected. They can do this from their smartphone with the UpKeep app.
  • Know the true cost of downtime.
    A minute of downtime for a critical asset can cause significant losses in output and revenue. Tracking downtime to the minute will lead to clearer insights and better decision making.

Track downtime on any Android or iOS device.

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UpKeep's mobile cmms app for Apple and Android devices

Track downtime for unlimited assets with any premium plan.

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