With the Slack integration, you can…

  • Increase team communication across departments.
  • Accelerate reaction time with customizable, automatic notifications so you can resolve issues faster.
  • Enhance UpKeep’s function as a team communication tool.

Integration Summary

By integrating UpKeep with Slack, you can get notifications sent to a specific person or department when a certain condition is met. One of the most common use cases is to notify a non-maintenance department if there is a work order created (or if the status is changed) that has to do with them.  

How it Works

  • Step 1: Connect with your Customer Success Manager to understand your existing data collection and reporting flows. Align on how Slack and UpKeep will work together to boost communication within your entire organization.
  • Step 2: Using a 3rd party integration tool, such as Zapier or Webhooks, set up triggers in Slack so if a certain condition is met, action is taken to alert whoever or whichever team needs to know.
  • Step 3: For example, if a work order is created in UpKeep and the category is “Customer Service,” the #customer-service channel in Slack will be notified that a new work order has been created. They may also be updated when the status of that work order is changed.
  • Step 4: You’re good to go! UpKeep and Slack are now integrated and your whole organization will be informed directly of maintenance tasks that are relevant to them.

Integration Requirements

Effort Required: Easy

For more information about this integration please contact us at [email protected]

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