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Maintenance Checklists

Create checklists for facility walkthroughs, equipment inspections, and other preventive maintenance tasks. Then apply them to any work order.

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Customize your checklists
Add premade responses to checklist items (Pass/Flag/Fail) or create your own responses for technicians to choose from.
Get feedback from techs
In addition to adding canned responses to checklist items, you can have technicians reply with a written response or number count.
Create one-time checklists
For reactive work orders that you don’t have premade checklists for, quickly add individual checklist items to the work order.
Perform more granular audits
View a history of responses to checklist items instead of just looking at asset downtime and work order descriptions.

Optimize your maintenance today.

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Give technicians an extra hand with the mobile app

  • Give technicians the ability to check off checklist items from their smartphone instead of a clipboard.
  • Capture checklist responses once and for always instead of scanning a paper checklist or re-entering results into a computer.
  • Take photos with your mobile device and attach them to the relevant checklist item. They can also add supporting notes.

Put maintenance checklists in your pocket with UpKeep’s free app.

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UpKeep's maintenance checklist software for mobile

Maintenance teams are more productive with UpKeep

Better organization and productivity
"Before using UpKeep I used spreadsheets and paper forms. These required a lot of manual data input. UpKeep frees up time and allows me to be in the field in more productive ways.”
Review on G2 Crowd by Brian S., Facility Manager
A valuable addition to our maintenance program
"This app has been beneficial in timeliness and cost-effective maintenance on my equipment. I like that it has several options depending on how the user wants to set up their maintenance operation.”
Review on Capterra by Nathan G., Maintenance Tech Lead

For Property Managers

  • Create checklists for move-in or move-out room maintenance
  • Create checklists for maintenance staff, cleaning crews, and other teams

For Facility Managers

  • Create checklists for daily or weekly floor walkthroughs and safety checks
  • Create checklists for equipment inspections and preventive maintenance

For Asset Managers

  • Create checklists for vehicles, heavy machinery, equipment, and any other asset type
  • Create checklists that include lockout-tagout and other safety procedures

Create unlimited maintenance checklists with any paid plan

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