QR Codes

Generate QR codes to easily manage inventory and assets in the field.

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Generate QR codes in one click

Automatically generate a QR code for any part or asset. Then print and affix the QR code in an area that’s easy to access and scan.

Scan QR codes with the mobile app

Use UpKeep’s mobile app to scan QR codes. Make it easier for workers to create work requests and update work orders on the go.

View quantities and costs for parts

Scan the QR code affixed to inventory spaces to view existing quantities, parts costs, and vendor information.

View maintenance history for assets

Scan the QR code affixed to any asset to view active/past work orders, downtime history, and depreciation.

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Mobilize your maintenance team with QR codes.

  • Create work requests.

    To create a work request in the field, a person scans the QR code on an asset. The correct asset is automatically assigned to the request.

  • Restock parts and inventory.

    Scan any part to add new quantities and upload purchase receipts. A great tool to simplify inventory management.

  • Add parts to work orders.

    Need a part to complete a work order? Scan the part’s QR code to add it to the work order and automatically update the stock count.

Maintenance teams love our inventory and asset scanning software.

"The UpKeep team sent us a ton of QR labels for our assets and stock room. I’ve worked with five different maintenance software systems over the past several years. This has been the easiest one so far."
Ryan S., Maintenance Manager


"We created a barcode for each room at our facility. When a team member scans a barcode, they know which maintenance checklist to complete. It’s saved us a ton of time and standardized processes”
Karim A., Facility Manager

G2 Crowd

"The software itself is great, user friendly, and feature rich. I love the printable QR codes for asset management and inventory tracking purposes. UpKeep is a modern mobile CMMS that provides deep functionality and scalability."
Ben D., Facility and Maintenance Manager