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Time and Cost Tracking

Track wrench time and maintenance costs within work orders for greater insight into productivity and expenses.

See time and cost tracking in action on UpKeep

Add itemized costs to work orders
Add costs for in-house labor, contracted labor, travel expenses, parts, taxes, and anything else.
Track time within work orders
Track wrench time, inspection time, driving time, and any other time category. Add hourly rates, too.
Identify time-intensive tasks
Track wrench time to determine whether PMs on non-critical assets are justified or overscheduled.
Track time for multiple technicians
For work orders with multiple technicians, view a breakdown of tracked times for each individual tech.

Optimize your maintenance today.

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Track time and costs with the mobile app.

  • Easily start and stop timer.
    Working on a longer repair and need a break? Technicians can start and stop the timer as needed.
  • Add costs to work orders.
    Add parts used to complete work orders to track parts costs and automatically update inventory.
  • Auto-sync time and cost data.
    Any time and costs that are added in the mobile app are automatically added in the web app, and vice-versa.

Track wrench time and maintenance costs on Apple and Android devices

Download the UpKeep iOS app on the Apple App Store.Download the UpKeep Android app on the Google Play Store.
UpKeep's mobile cmms app for Apple and Android devices

Time and cost tracking is included with every plan.

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