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Managing your maintenance budget can be a challenge. Tracking labor hours, individual work orders, costs of materials, and costs of non-productive time can be complicated and time-consuming, without an automated solution. UpKeep delivers exactly what you need in a mobile-first solution that features an easy-to-use interface and plenty of analytic power. Sign up for free now, and experience it for yourself.

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Cost Tracking Keeps Your Business on the Right Road

Just like you need to understand where your home budget stands to make the right personal decisions, your business needs to track its costs to be successful and profitable in the long run. Cost tracking helps you to see where you are against your overall budget, as well as manage cost-related details on individual projects.

Check if you’re over budget

Use UpKeep’s mobile-first solution to regularly check your current spending against your planned budget. Although it’s inevitable that emergency maintenance may arise, UpKeep’s solution helps you follow your spending on an ongoing basis. That means you can make decisions to cut unnecessary costs sooner rather than later, if you need to make budget adjustments and have a better chance of ending your financial period on track.

See spending on individual projects

UpKeep allows you to drill down into the project details and see which individual projects are over- or under-budget. By providing transparency into your company’s spending, you’ll be able to see potential problems before you find yourself in debt or unable to pay vendor bills.

Identify costly outliers

In some cases, a particular machine or maintenance technician may be consuming a disproportionate amount of your budget. UpKeep makes it easy to see which asset may be having the most repair or maintenance issues early on so you can make the decision to replace rather than repair or find less costly solutions to work around problems.

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Work-Class Features You Need in Cost Tracking

The most important features you need in a solution to track your budget are the ability to itemize costs, track time, and follow workers. When you have these three functions, you’ll have everything you need to make smarter budget and operation decisions.

Itemized costs

It’s easy to add itemized costs for each work order in UpKeep. That means you’ll have individual work order details saved within your system to run a comprehensive analysis later. This data will be critical in helping you make future maintenance decisions down the road.

Time tracking

Use UpKeep to track time-based activities such as inspections, driving, or wrench time. Periodically, you can run reports and see how your employees are spending the majority of their time and whether there are opportunities to reduce costs or shift labor from non-productive time to more productive activities.

Worker tracking

Get a better idea of how each individual technician is performing by tracking all your employees separately. You’ll be able to see how long typical tasks take and address training or disciplinary issues early on. Over time, UpKeep can help you improve the productivity of your employees with its historic data.

Customers Who Have Lowered Budgets with UpKeep

Don’t take our word for it. Here are some comments from actual customers that have managed costs, saved money, and benefited from UpKeep’s cost tracking solution.

“UpKeep shows you how your maintenance team and individual technicians are dealing with a workload. For our care home properties, we can see which homes use our maintenance service the most and what areas of expertise are mainly required. This is perfect for targeting training to the maintenance operative in the home. We also use UpKeep to compare our response time to a request and our labor costs to outside contractors.”
Property Management Customer

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“UpKeep has helped hugely in showing clients what we actually do and giving them real times as to how long the process may take. Before a list of times and costs were all clients received as to now a full report which shows the lengths taken to complete the tasks.”
Solar Farm Customer

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“The main plus is having the data to analyze on a month by month basis. It shows how well the performance of the team and individuals are coping with the workload, what home uses our Regional teams service the most, and what areas of expertise are mainly required, again perfect for targeting training to the maintenance operative in the home. We have also used this system to compare our response time to a request, labor cost all against using an outside contractor.”
Maintenance Customer

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Track time and costs with the mobile app.

  • Easily start and stop timer.
    Working on a longer repair and need a break? Technicians can start and stop the timer as needed.
  • Add costs to work orders.
    Add parts used to complete work orders to track parts costs and automatically update inventory.
  • Auto-sync time and cost data.
    Any time and costs that are added in the mobile app are automatically added in the web app, and vice-versa.

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